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brace a device that holds things in position, such as a clamp. [1/10 definitions]
clamp to securely fasten or support by means of a clamp. [1/4 definitions]
clench to clamp (teeth or hands) tightly shut. [2/5 definitions]
grit to clamp and grind (the teeth) together. [1/7 definitions]
holdfast any device used to attach a thing to a surface, such as a clamp, nail, or hook. [1/2 definitions]
pinchcock a clamp fitted onto a flexible tube to regulate or prevent the flow of liquid through it.
scissors hold a wrestling hold that uses the legs as a clamp.
screw a rod or bolt carrying a helical thread to engage a threaded hole, used as a fastener or as a device to apply mechanical energy, as to tighten a clamp or lift a jack. [1/17 definitions]