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afoul entangled, in collision, or in conflict.
air bag a bag in the front of some automobile interiors that inflates automatically in a collision and prevents the passengers from being thrust forward.
anticollision combined form of collision.
antiparticle in physics, either of two subatomic particles that have the same mass, spin, degree of charge, and magnetic moment but that have opposite signs of charge and directions of magnetic moment and whose collision causes mutual annihilation.
bang up to damage or injure, as in a collision.
bounce to spring back or up following a collision, or to do so several times in succession. [2/10 definitions]
Brownian motion the random movement of microscopic particles in a fluid medium, resulting from collision with molecules of the surrounding medium; Brownian movement.
buffer1 a device, such as a bumper, that absorbs the force of a collision. [1/6 definitions]
bump to cause to be displaced as the result of a collision. [2/7 definitions]
clearance the space between things that prevents a collision. [1/4 definitions]
cosmic ray high energy radiation, consisting primarily of high-energy protons and alpha particles, that primarily originates from outside the solar system. Upon collision with earth's atmosphere, secondary particles can be produced that sometimes reach the earth's surface.
crack-up a collision of a vehicle; crash. [1/2 definitions]
crash1 a destructive impact or collision, as of one or more vehicles. [1/17 definitions]
fall foul of to come into collision, conflict, or entanglement with.
foul a collision or entanglement, as of ships. [1/21 definitions]
head-on frontally opposed or facing, or meeting head-to-head or front-to-front, as in a conflict or collision. [1/3 definitions]
hit to come into collision with another object. [2/16 definitions]
jar2 a collision that produces vibration; jolt. [1/9 definitions]
kaon in physics, a meson that is positive, negative, or neutral and that is the product of a high-energy collision; K meson.
meet1 to come together with in collision or conflict. [1/13 definitions]
near miss an instance of barely avoiding a collision, as of two automobiles or planes. [1/3 definitions]