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cola2 a plural form of colon.
colo- colon or large intestine.
colonic of, pertaining to, or affecting the colon. [1/2 definitions]
colonoscopy examination of the colon with a flexible, fiber-optic instrument inserted into the rectum.
colorectal of, pertaining to, or affecting the colon and rectum.
colostomy a surgical opening cut into the colon to allow excretion, usu. made when the rectum is blocked or after surgery for colon cancer.
enteritis inflammation of the small intestine or, sometimes, the colon.
large intestine in vertebrates, the relatively large section of the intestines that includes the cecum, colon, and rectum.
sigmoid of, relating to, or near the S-shaped bend of the colon. [1/2 definitions]
sigmoid flexure the final curve of the colon before it reaches the rectum. [1/2 definitions]
sigmoidoscope a medical instrument used for visual examination of the rectum and colon.