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clown a person who acts in a comical, prankish manner. [2/4 definitions]
comedian a person whose behavior is purposely amusing or comical. [1/3 definitions]
comic of, relating to, or characterized by comedy; comical or comedic. [2/6 definitions]
false face a mask, usu. comical or grotesque, that covers the entire face.
foolery a silly or comical action or thing. [1/2 definitions]
humorous having the character or quality of humor; comical. [1/2 definitions]
make a face to adopt an annoyed, repulsed, or intentionally silly and comical expression on one's face.
mime the art or practice of telling a story or acting out a dramatic or comical scene by means of hand and body movements rather than speaking; pantomime. [1/6 definitions]
seriocomic serious and comical at the same time, as a novel or play.
sobriquet a nickname, esp. an affectionate or comical one.
zany crazily silly or comical. [2/3 definitions]