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accessory in law, someone who helps a criminal before or after a crime, but does not commit the crime. [1/4 definitions]
accomplice a person who helps another commit a crime or wrongful act.
agent provocateur (French) a secret agent who incites other people to commit acts that will subject them to punishment or prosecution, or who incites others to acts of rebellion or subversion; troublemaker.
agnostic one who is unwilling or unable to commit to a particular stance concerning something. [1/4 definitions]
balk in baseball, to commit a balk. [1/7 definitions]
barbarize to commit gross errors in speaking or writing. [1/4 definitions]
betray to be disloyal to; commit treason against. [1/5 definitions]
bravo a villain, esp. a person hired to commit murder. [1/4 definitions]
burglar someone who forces entry into a building in order to commit robbery.
burgle (informal) to force entry in order to commit robbery; burglarize.
consecrate to commit or devote to some goal or service. [1/3 definitions]
date-rape to commit the act of rape upon a person with whom one is on a date or in a date-like social situation.
engage to pledge or commit oneself; assume an obligation (usu. fol. by "to"). [1/10 definitions]
err to commit a sin. [1/3 definitions]
espouse to take up, hold, or commit oneself to (a cause, idea, or belief); embrace. [1/2 definitions]
fault to be in error; commit a blunder or mistake. [1/7 definitions]
forge1 to make or copy something falsely; commit forgery. [1/7 definitions]
foul in games and sports, to commit a foul against (another player). [2/21 definitions]
hatchet man (informal) a person hired by another to commit murder. [1/3 definitions]
learn to commit to memory; memorize. [1/5 definitions]
murder to commit murder. [1/5 definitions]