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association friendship or companionship. [1/4 definitions]
company companionship. [1/7 definitions]
fellowship brotherhood or companionship. [1/4 definitions]
geisha a Japanese woman who is trained as a dancer, musician, and conversationalist, and who is paid to entertain and provide companionship for men.
gigolo a man who receives money from a usu. wealthy woman in exchange for his sexual favors and companionship.
lonely sad because of being without companionship; lonesome. [3/4 definitions]
lonely heart a single person who is looking for companionship or a marriage partner.
pet1 an animal, usu. domesticated or tamed, kept in one's home for companionship rather than practical use. [1/7 definitions]
society company; companionship. [1/7 definitions]
sodality fellowship, companionship, or comradeship. [1/2 definitions]
sugar daddy (informal) a wealthy older man who lavishes money and expensive gifts on a usu. attractive young woman in return for companionship and intimacy.
unsociable tending not to seek the companionship of others; solitary. [1/2 definitions]