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abide by to comply with; agree to.
acquiesce to agree silently or without protest; comply; consent.
activation code a set of characters, consisting of numbers, letters, characters, or a combination of these, that is sent by a website to a user's email so that the website can verify the user's email address and comply with the user's request to begin a new service or change personal information. Once received, the user enters the code into the provided box on the website so that fulfillment of the user's request can begin.
assent to give in; concede; comply (often fol. by "to" or infinitive). [1/3 definitions]
carry out to comply with; obey; follow. [1/3 definitions]
civil disobedience the intentional, nonviolent refusal to comply with a government law or requirement, in order to try to influence the government to change some law, policy, or the like.
compliant willing to comply; accommodating.
hold out to refuse to comply until conditions are more favorable (usu. fol. by "for"). [1/3 definitions]
noncompliance failure or refusal to comply, as with a regulation.
observant careful to comply with a law, tradition, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
respect to comply with, or to accept as justified or having value. [1/8 definitions]
sanction an action taken by one or more nations and designed to force another nation to comply with a legal, ethical, or moral code. [1/8 definitions]
uncooperative not willing to work with others or comply with external demands, esp. reasonable demands.
wilco used to indicate that a radio message will be complied with (acronym for "will comply").