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compulsive driven by an obsession or compulsion. [2/3 definitions]
conscript enrolled in military service by legal compulsion; drafted. [1/3 definitions]
constrain to cause by physical, moral, or other compulsion; compel; oblige. [1/3 definitions]
gladiator a man in ancient Rome who fought, often to the death and usu. under compulsion, for the amusement of an audience. [1/3 definitions]
habit a fixed, repeated, often involuntary behavior; compulsion; addiction. [1/5 definitions]
kleptomania a compulsion to steal, or the psychological disorder that causes such a compulsion.
-mania a mental or behavioral disorder characterized by obsession, compulsion, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
mythomania in psychiatry, an abnormal compulsion to exaggerate or lie.
necessity unalterable circumstances; compulsion. [1/4 definitions]
shall definitely will, as by compulsion or command. [1/3 definitions]
surrender to turn over or yield to the power, control, or possession of another, esp. under compulsion. [1/5 definitions]