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abstract the concentration of the essential characteristics of something greater; essence. [1/13 definitions]
attention concentration of mental powers, esp. on a particular object. [1/4 definitions]
B horizon the subsoil in a geologic soil profile, bearing a concentration of material leached from the topsoil.
blood glucose glucose in the blood or the concentration of glucose in the blood; blood sugar.
blood sugar glucose in the blood or the concentration of glucose in the blood.
body fat fat in a person's body, or the concentration of fat in a person's body.
brine water containing a high concentration of salt. [1/4 definitions]
decentralize to withdraw or scatter (something) from a centralized concentration. [1/2 definitions]
depth intensity or concentration. [1/8 definitions]
diffuse in the physical sciences, to flow toward regions of lower concentration. [1/9 definitions]
dilute decreased in concentration or strength, esp. as a result of adding something else; diluted. [1/4 definitions]
extract a condensation and concentration of a substance. [1/9 definitions]
focus the area of greatest concentration, attention, or activity. [1/9 definitions]
hemocytometer an instrument used to determine the concentration of cells in body fluids, esp. red and white cells in blood; hemacytometer.
high-fiber of a diet or food substance, containing a high concentration of undigestible plant carbohydrates.
hypercalcemia an abnormally high concentration of calcium in the blood.
hyperconcentration combined form of concentration.
hyperglycemia an abnormally high blood glucose concentration.
hypoglycemia abnormally low blood glucose concentration.
hypostasis in medicine, the settling or concentration of blood or particles of blood, as in a test tube, or in a bodily organ because of poor circulation. [1/4 definitions]
knot1 a concentration or group. [1/14 definitions]