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account an arrangement wherein a bank or other financial institution holds a customer's deposited funds so that the funds are safe but can be accessed at any time by the customer, or the conception of this arrangement as a container for the funds that are kept. [1/16 definitions]
conceptus all of the parts produced during the period from conception through birth, such as the fetus, the fetal sac, and the umbilical cord.
condom a thin, usu. rubber sheath made to cover the penis during sexual intercourse in order to prevent conception or the spread of venereal diseases.
contraception the prevention of conception; birth control.
contraceptive of, used for, or designed for the prevention of biological conception. [2 definitions]
dialectical materialism a materialist philosophy and conception of history developed by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels through their application of Hegel's dialectical method.
gestate to carry in the uterus following conception. [1/3 definitions]
idea anything existing in the mind as a product of mental activity or awareness, such as a conception or image. [2/6 definitions]
intrauterine device a small plastic or stainless steel coil or similar object inserted into the uterus to prevent conception; IUD.
IUD abbreviation of "intrauterine device," a small plastic or stainless steel coil or similar object inserted into the uterus to prevent conception
life history the history of changes undergone by an organism in the course of its lifetime from conception to death. [1/3 definitions]
macho embodying or demonstrating a conception of masculinity emphasizing strength, assertiveness, and dominance. [1/2 definitions]
pessary a device worn in the vagina to correct uterine displacement, or to prevent conception. [1/2 definitions]
postconception combined form of conception.
prejudice an opinion, judgment, preference, or conception formed without knowing or examining the facts. [1/6 definitions]
reconception combined form of conception.
stereotype a standardized and usually oversimplified and inaccurate conception held in common by many people. [1/3 definitions]