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adenine in chemistry, a crystalline base that is a constituent of nucleic acid in organs such as the pancreas and spleen.
analysis careful scrutiny of constituent parts in order to thoroughly understand the whole. [2/4 definitions]
component a part or element of a whole; constituent. [1/2 definitions]
configuration the relation or arrangement of the constituent parts of something. [1/6 definitions]
configure to set or arrange the constituent elements of (something) in a particular way so as to have a working combination. [1/2 definitions]
consistency agreement or compatibility between or among constituent elements. [1/3 definitions]
constituent a component; constituent part. [1/4 definitions]
constitutive essential; constituent. [1/2 definitions]
guanine in biochemistry, a purine constituent of nucleic acids.
keratin a hard animal protein which is the main constituent of horn, nails, feathers, beaks, and the like.
martensite a hard brittle solid solution of iron and a small portion of carbon which is the main constituent of various carbon steels and is produced by chilling heated steel.
methane a flammable hydrocarbon gas that results from the decay of organic material as in marshes and coal mines, and is the main constituent of natural gas.
orthoclase a monoclinic feldspar that is a common constituent in igneous rock such as granite.
phenylalanine an essential amino acid that is a constituent of many proteins.
phrase in grammar, a single word or string of words that forms a constituent of a sentence, such as a noun phrase or verb phrase. [1/11 definitions]
resolution the process of separating into constituent parts, as light into the colors of the spectrum. [1/8 definitions]
resolve to break down into constituent parts; separate. [2/8 definitions]
resolvent capable of causing a breaking down into constituent parts; solvent. [1/2 definitions]
salt the white or colorless solid compound known chemically as sodium chloride and used chiefly for preserving and seasoning foods; a constituent of seawater. [1/10 definitions]
Serbia a former kingdom, now a constituent republic in eastern Yugoslavia.
Soviet Union formerly, a country, comprising fifteen constituent republics, in eastern Europe and northern Asia; Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; Russia.