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base1 to establish or construct (something new) on a particular basis or foundation that already exists. [1/7 definitions]
brick to construct or pave with brick. [1/6 definitions]
build to create by joining various parts and materials; construct. [1/8 definitions]
build up to construct many buildings in (an area); develop. [1/5 definitions]
canal to construct canals in or through. [1/3 definitions]
constructable combined form of construct.
corduroy to construct (a road, bridge, or the like) by laying down logs crosswise. [1/6 definitions]
dam1 to construct a dam on, in, or across; obstruct with a dam. [1/4 definitions]
embank to enclose or support with a mound or wall of earth or stone; construct an embankment around or along.
engineer to plan, construct, or supervise as an engineer. [1/5 definitions]
erect to establish and construct; build. [1/7 definitions]
fabricate to construct or create. [1/3 definitions]
form to make, create, or construct. [1/16 definitions]
gantlet1 to lay down (railroad tracks) so as to construct a gantlet. [1/3 definitions]
groin in architecture, to construct so that groins are formed. [1/4 definitions]
hammer to construct or bring about (an agreement or settlement) with force and determination on all sides (usu. fol. by "out"). [1/14 definitions]
hammer out to construct or bring about (an agreement or settlement) with energy and determination on all sides.
improvise to construct or compose from whatever materials are available or handy. [1/4 definitions]
inscribe to construct (a polygon or angle) within a circle, or to construct (a circle) within a polygon. [1/5 definitions]
jerry-build to construct or develop a system, plan, organization, or the like in a haphazard, careless, or thoughtless manner. [1/2 definitions]
knit to join or link in such a manner to construct a garment or the like. [1/9 definitions]