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ah used to express surprise, joy, pain, agreement, dislike, and other emotions or reactions according to the context.
circle the people and activities of a defined social or professional context. [1/8 definitions]
contextless combined form of context.
contextual of, belonging to, or depending on a context.
contextualize to put into a context, or provide a context for.
indirect discourse an indirect statement of what someone said, rather than an exact quotation, that has been altered to conform grammatically to the context in which it is made, as in "She said that she was leaving".
item a particular bit of information, usu. extracted from or placed in a large context such as a newspaper. [1/2 definitions]
modulation a change in the volume or tone of voice to reflect a particular emotion or context. [1/3 definitions]
setting surroundings; context; environment. [1/5 definitions]
specialty designating a performance that is separate from its context. [1/6 definitions]
theatrics (used with a pl. verb) theatrical words or actions, sometimes used in another context. [1/2 definitions]
turista severe diarrhea sometimes experienced by travelers in foreign countries, caused by exposure to bacteria in food or water (used esp. as a term for this ailment in a Latin American context.) [1/2 definitions]