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Boston brown bread a dark steamed bread made of corn meal or graham or whole wheat flour, sweetened with molasses.
bourbon an aged whiskey made from corn mash.
brown bread a steamed bread made of corn meal and flour, sweetened with molasses; Boston brown bread. [1/2 definitions]
chicha a beer of Central and South America made from fermented corn or fruit.
chowder a thick soup typically containing clams, fish, or corn, with potatoes and onions in a milk or tomato base.
cob the hard center of an ear of corn; corncob. [1/3 definitions]
corn1 to feed corn or other grain to (an animal). [1/7 definitions]
corn borer a moth larva that is highly destructive to corn and other plants.
corncob the woody core that bears the kernels in an ear of corn. [1/2 definitions]
corncrib a ventilated structure for drying and storing ears of corn.
cornfield a field in which corn is cultivated.
cornhusking the action of removing the husks from ears of corn. [1/2 definitions]
corn liquor see "corn whiskey."
cornmeal a coarse meal ground from corn.
corn pone in the southern United States, bread made of corn meal, without eggs or milk, and usu. baked in small oval loaves.
corn silk the long silky part of the pistil of the corn plant, lying between the rows of kernels and extending beyond the tip of the ear.
cornstalk the fibrous stem of a corn plant.
cornstarch a fine, starchy flour ground from corn grains, used as a thickener for cooked foods or a source of industrial starch.
corn whiskey whiskey made from a mash of at least eighty percent corn; corn liquor.
crib a storage bin or building, esp. for corn. [1/12 definitions]
detassel to remove the tassel from (corn) to facilitate cross-pollination in the production of hybrids.