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angle1 a corner that projects outward or inward. [1/10 definitions]
asquint with an oblique or sidelong glance; out of the corner of the eye; askance.
cantle a portion or corner, as of land, cut off from a larger whole. [1/2 definitions]
chamfer a flat face or surface formed by cutting off a corner or edge. [2 definitions]
clew in nautical terminology, one of the lower corners of a sail or a metal loop attached to the lower corner of a sail. [1/7 definitions]
corner to force into a corner. [3/10 definitions]
cornerstone a stone placed at the corner joining two masonry walls. [1/3 definitions]
cornerwise proceeding from one corner of a rectangle through the center to the opposite corner; diagonally. [3 definitions]
crosswalk a lane or path, usu. near the corner of a street, that is marked off as a pedestrian crossing.
crow's-foot (usu. pl.) fine wrinkles near the outer corner of a person's eye.
dog-ear a bent or folded corner of a page in a book. [2 definitions]
epicanthus a fold of skin covering the inner corner of the eye, common in many Asiatic peoples, and also occurring in some abnormal conditions such as Down's syndrome.
flap any piece that is attached only at one end, edge, or corner, esp. one that is thin, flat, or flexible. [1/7 definitions]
fourposter a bed that has four tall corner posts, which may be used to support bed curtains or a canopy.
Gila River a U.S. river flowing west from southwestern New Mexico through Arizona to the southwest corner of the state, where it joins with the Colorado River.
inglenook a corner, or a bench therein, for sitting by a recessed fireplace.
Maine a U.S. state in the northeastern corner of the country. (abbr.: ME)
ME abbreviation of "Maine," a U.S. state in the northeastern corner of the country.
miter a corner or joint formed by cutting two pieces of wood at an angle and joining them. [1/4 definitions]
New York a metropolis in the southeast corner of this state; New York City. [1/2 definitions]
Niger a river that flows from Guinea across southern Mali, a corner of Niger, and western Nigeria into the Atlantic. [1/2 definitions]