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corrective having correction as its intended purpose or effect; remedial or rectifying. [1/2 definitions]
corrigendum an error, esp. in print, indicated along with its correction. [1/2 definitions]
crying demanding immediate attention or correction. [1/2 definitions]
diet1 a special selection of food and drink, esp. for medical purposes or the correction of physical problems. [1/6 definitions]
discipline punishment for the sake of training or correction. [1/7 definitions]
galley proof a printer's proof taken from type in a galley to allow for correction of errors before final pages are assembled.
redress a correction or adjustment. [1/4 definitions]
reform the correction of bad conduct. [1/5 definitions]
retainer1 a device that holds the teeth in position during a period of orthodontic correction. [1/2 definitions]
workhouse a U.S. prison for minor offenders serving short sentences, who are employed at manual labor while confined; house of correction. [1/2 definitions]