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board a committee; council. [1/9 definitions]
boule1 an advisory council of elders or legislative assembly in ancient Greece. [1/2 definitions]
city manager a person appointed by a city council to oversee and direct the affairs of the city.
Comecon an international trade association of communist nations (acronym for "Council for Mutual Economic Assistance").
commune2 the smallest political unit in certain European countries, headed by a mayor and municipal council. [1/3 definitions]
conciliar of, from, or pertaining to a council, esp. an ecclesiastical council.
consistory an assembly of a governing council, esp. of a church or religious sect. [1/2 definitions]
councilman a member of a council, as of a city or town.
councilor someone who belongs to a council.
councilwoman a female member of a council, as of a city or town.
decemvir one of a council of ten members that drew up the first code of Roman laws in 450 B.C. [1/2 definitions]
gerontocracy such a group; council of elders. [1/2 definitions]
junta a small legislative body or deliberative council. [1/2 definitions]
Nicene Creed a formal statement of the basic doctrines of Christianity, first adopted at a church council in Nicaea in 325 A.D. and later expanded to forms generally accepted by western Christianity.
reeve1 in certain Canadian provinces, the elected head of a town council. [1/3 definitions]
Sanhedrin the highest court and legislative council for secular as well as sacred matters in ancient Judea.
Security Council the council of the United Nations that is responsible for maintaining international peace and comprises five permanent and ten temporary members.
senate a council with the highest legislative functions. [1/3 definitions]
synod an assembly of the officers of a given church or denomination for the discussion of church affairs; ecclesiastical council. [1/2 definitions]
triumvir any one of three persons jointly ruling or serving as a council, esp. in ancient Rome.