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basketry the craft or process of weaving or braiding to make baskets or the like. [2 definitions]
battle station the place to which military personnel or craft are to report in case of attack or emergency.
beadwork art or craft work with beads, or the beaded products themselves; beading.
composition the art or craft of producing such works. [1/7 definitions]
craftsman a man who practices a craft or skilled trade; artisan. [2 definitions]
craftswoman a woman who practices a craft or skilled trade; artisan. [2 definitions]
craft union a labor union whose members are workers in the same craft or trade.
do1 to form, shape, or craft. [1/12 definitions]
echelon a formation of troops, planes, or ships in a stairstep pattern behind and to the right or left of the leading unit or craft. [1/3 definitions]
elevator in aircraft, a hinged movable horizontal surface whose position is altered to produce up or down movement of the craft. [1/3 definitions]
engineer to make, organize, or manage by skillful craft. [1/5 definitions]
etch to practice the art or craft of etching. [1/4 definitions]
fixed-wing of or designating an aircraft that has wings rigidly attached to the fuselage, as contrasted to a helicopter or a craft with movable wings.
fox to act with craft or cunning. [1/7 definitions]
gyrostabilizer a stabilizing device on planes and ships, consisting of a heavy, vertically mounted gyroscope whose spinning reduces the side-to-side motion of the craft.
horizontal union see craft union.
horology the art or craft of making clocks and other timepieces. [1/2 definitions]
Hovercraft trademark for a vehicle able to move rapidly across land or water on air that is produced by powerful fans blowing downward from the craft.
inboard of several objects such as engines, located nearest the center of a craft. (Cf. outboard.) [1/4 definitions]
industrial union a labor union that represents the workers in an entire industry rather than only those engaged in one craft or a related group of crafts.
journeyman a worker who has completed an apprenticeship, as in a craft. [1/2 definitions]