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crank to turn (a shaft) by use of a mechanical crank, or start (an engine) by use of a crank or other device. [2/6 definitions]
crankpin a bar or cylindrical pin positioned in a crank and having a connecting rod or link attached.
dead center the maximum or minimum extension of a crank and connecting rod in a reciprocating engine, in which both are in a straight line and the connecting rod cannot turn the crank. [1/2 definitions]
grind to operate by turning a handle or crank. [1/12 definitions]
hand organ a portable barrel organ that is played by turning a crank by hand.
hurdy-gurdy a barrel organ or other musical instrument that is played by turning a crank. [2 definitions]
winch the crank or handle that operates a hand-powered turning machine. [1/3 definitions]