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bat1 a heavy, shaped wooden or metal club used to strike the ball in baseball or cricket. [1/4 definitions]
batsman a player who is at bat, esp. in cricket.
batter3 the person who stands in to bat the ball in baseball or cricket.
batting the action of using a bat in a game of baseball or cricket. [1/2 definitions]
bowl2 to roll, throw, or hurl a ball, as in bowling, bowls, or cricket. [1/8 definitions]
crease a special mark or marked area in a field game such as cricket or hockey. [1/6 definitions]
cricket2 to play cricket. [1/3 definitions]
field to catch (the ball) in a game of baseball or cricket. [1/11 definitions]
fielder in baseball or cricket, a player in the field.
over a segment of a cricket match that is played between the change of bowlers. [1/30 definitions]
wicket in cricket, either of two gatelike objects placed 22 yards apart, each consisting of three wood stumps with two pieces of wood laid across the top, that are the bowler's targets and between which batters run to score. [2/6 definitions]
wicketkeeper the cricket player who stands immediately behind the wicket.