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antimony a chemical element that has fifty-one protons in each nucleus and forms a brittle bluish white metal crystal, used in hard alloys, electrical components, and medicines. (symbol: Sb)
bubble bath a bath with an added liquid, crystal, or powder preparation that creates thick suds and perfumes and softens the water. [2 definitions]
crystal made of or like crystal. [1/7 definitions]
crystal detector a simple radio receiver made of a semiconducting crystal touched by a fine wire.
crystal gazing the practice of studying and interpreting images of future events, supposed to appear in a ball of polished glass or crystal.
crystalline of or made of crystal. [3 definitions]
crystallite a tiny crystal that typically forms as a material cools.
crystallo- crystal.
crystalloid like or of the nature of a crystal or crystalloid. [1/3 definitions]
crystal pickup a phonograph pickup that used a piezoelectric crystal.
crystal set an early form of radio receiver that used a crystal detector.
dextrorotatory of or designating a crystal or compound that turns the plane of polarized light to the right. (Cf. levorotatory.) [1/2 definitions]
dislocation an imperfection in the atomic structure of a crystal. [1/2 definitions]
flint glass a bright fusible optical glass that contains lead oxide and is used for lenses and crystal.
-hedron a solid geometric figure or crystal that has (such) a number or type of surfaces.
hemihedral of a crystal, having only half the faces necessary for complete symmetry.
hemitrope a compound crystal composed of two or more parts or crystals facing each other.
iodine a highly reactive chemical element of the halogen group that has fifty-three protons in each nucleus and occurs naturally in compounds such as salts, and in pure form as a poisonous bluish black crystal. (symbol: I) [1/2 definitions]
isometric of or pertaining to a crystal system that has three equal axes at right angles to each other. [1/4 definitions]
laser a device that amplifies electrical impulses at mixed frequencies in or near the range of visible light by stimulating the atoms in a medium such as a gas or crystal, producing an intense, concentrated beam of light at one or more virtually distinct frequencies (acronym for "light amplified by stimulated emission of radiation").
lattice in physics, the regularly spaced arrangement of points or matter throughout a space, as in a crystal. [1/3 definitions]