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backwater a pool of water that a dam, current, flood, or the like prevents from flowing. [1/2 definitions]
barrage a man-made obstruction placed in a waterway to slow the flow or increase the depth of the water; dam. [1/3 definitions]
dam1 a barrier or obstruction resembling a dam. [3/4 definitions]
fish ladder a series of pools at gradually increasing heights that allows fish, such as salmon, to swim upstream around a dam or other obstruction.
gatehouse a structure built at the gate of a dam or reservoir that houses the controls needed to regulate the flow of water. [1/2 definitions]
milldam a dam constructed to create a pond or head of water that can be released to turn a mill.
stem2 to stop the flow of; dam up; stanch. [2/5 definitions]
weir a small dam for the purpose of backing up or diverting water; milldam. [1/2 definitions]