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abandon ship to leave a ship that is in danger of sinking. [2 definitions]
action-adventure a genre of films, video games, and the like having an exciting undertaking involving risk and danger as its main story line, and involving one or more heroes engaged in a series of physical challenges. [1/2 definitions]
action-packed of a film, video, story, or the like, filled with scenes depicting action, danger, and exciting events.
adventure a journey or other undertaking that involves risk, danger, or excitement. [2/5 definitions]
alarm to warn of danger. [1/5 definitions]
anointing of the sick a Catholic sacrament in which a priest anoints a person who is in danger of imminent death, while praying for recovery and remission of sins; last rites.
brave ready to face pain or danger; courageous. [1/6 definitions]
close call (informal) a narrow escape from danger, failure, detection, or the like.
close shave (informal) danger narrowly avoided.
complacent contented with oneself or one's situation to a degree that prevents self-criticism, further progress, or appropriate response to signals of danger or risk. [1/2 definitions]
courage the quality of will that enables a person to confront fear or danger regardless of the consequences; bravery.
coward a person who lacks the courage to face danger, pain, or difficulty; a person easily discouraged or intimidated by fear. [1/2 definitions]
cowardice lack of bravery or resolve in the face of danger, pain, or other difficulties.
cowboy (informal) a man who is arrogantly or foolishly heedless of danger, as in difficult or complex situations, and who enjoys demonstrating his masculinity. [1/3 definitions]
critical of the nature of a crisis; being at the very highest point of danger but still allowing the possibility of a positive outcome. [1/6 definitions]
decoy something or someone used to lure, entice, or misdirect, as into danger or a trap, esp. an artificial bird or animal used to lure live birds or animals within gunshot or into a trap. [2/3 definitions]
defiance contempt or disregard for some danger or opposing force. [1/3 definitions]
defuse to reduce the level of hostility, tension, danger, or the like in (a situation or the like). [1/2 definitions]
desperate having no regard for danger as the result of hopelessness or great need. [1/4 definitions]
endanger to cause to be exposed to danger. [1/2 definitions]
endangered exposed to danger. [1/2 definitions]