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antiquarian a student of or dealer in relics and ancient works of art; antiquary. [1/3 definitions]
baccarat a card game, often played for high stakes in European casinos, in which the dealer plays against several other players.
blackjack a card game in which the players' cards are compared with those of the dealer, the winner being the one whose cards are closest to but do not exceed twenty-one; twenty-one. [1/6 definitions]
interdealer combined form of dealer.
junkman one who resells junk, such as scrap metal, glass, paper, and the like; junk dealer.
lapidary an expert on or dealer in gemstones. [1/5 definitions]
lumberman a person who buys and sells lumber; lumber dealer. [1/2 definitions]
monte a card game played with a deck of forty cards in which a player selects two of four cards and bets that one will be matched by the dealer before the other.
poultryman a man who buys poultry from farmers and sells poultry to retail stores or the like; poultry dealer. [1/2 definitions]
Simon Legree in the mid-nineteenth-century novel Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe, a cruel overseer and slave dealer. [1/2 definitions]
trader a person who engages in trade; dealer; merchant. [1/2 definitions]
tradesman a man employed in trade, esp. retail; dealer.
tradeswoman a woman employed in trade; dealer.