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clubfoot a congenital deformity or malformation of a foot. [2 definitions]
cretinism a chronic disease that is usu. present at birth and is due to a deficiency of thyroid hormone, resulting in physical and mental stunting, deformity, and often goiter.
hammertoe a deformity of the toe in which the second and third joints are permanently bent downward, or a toe so deformed.
hump a rounded projection or bulge, esp. a fleshy one, as is found on the back of a camel or on the back of a person who has a spinal deformity. [1/6 definitions]
pigeon breast a deformity of the human chest occurring as a result of certain diseases, such as rickets, that is characterized by a sharply protruding breastbone.
rheumatoid arthritis a chronic disease involving inflammation of the joints, varying degrees of immobility, and usu. some deformity of the joints.
rickets (used with a sing. verb) a disease of children characterized by softening and deformity of the bones, usu. resulting from malnutrition or a lack of vitamin D, calcium, or sunlight.
strain1 extreme pressure or force, sometimes causing harm or deformity. [1/16 definitions]