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allotment in the U.S. military, the portion of a person's salary authorized for payment directly to another party, such as a dependent. [1/2 definitions]
appanage a grant of land or revenue made by a king or queen to a dependent member of the royal family. [1/2 definitions]
appendage one in a dependent or subordinate position. [1/3 definitions]
be up to to be the rightful choice or responsibility of; to be dependent on (someone or something).
caregiver a person, such as a family member or foster parent, who is responsible for the care of a child or dependent adult. [1/2 definitions]
client a nation that is dependent on or under the patronage of another; client state. [1/3 definitions]
cold-blooded of animals such as fishes and reptiles, having blood whose temperature is dependent upon the temperature outside the organism. (Cf. warm-blooded.) [1/3 definitions]
complex sentence a sentence composed of a main or independent clause and one or more dependent or subordinate clauses, such as "This is an independent clause, whereas this is a dependent clause".
conditioned dependent on or existing under a certain condition or conditions. [1/3 definitions]
correlative related in a mutually dependent or reciprocal way, as life forms. [1/4 definitions]
creature a person who is subservient to or dependent upon another. [1/2 definitions]
dependence the condition of being dependent on another for help or support. [1/5 definitions]
dependency the condition of being dependent. [2 definitions]
dependent clause a clause that is syntactically not a complete sentence and is used typically as an attachment to an independent clause. A dependent clause adds additional meaning to the independent clause and functions as a noun, adjective, or adverb.
drug addict one who is physically dependent on regular doses of one or more narcotics.
eleemosynary of, pertaining to, dependent on, or given as charity; charitable.
El Niņo an unusually warm Pacific Ocean current that develops near the International Date Line in the center of the ocean and flows east toward Peru and then south along the coast of South America. El Niņo events, which occur every two to seven years approximately, are associated with various negative impacts including damage to the livelihoods of those dependent on fishing and disturbance to regional and global weather patterns, which in turn can increase the incidence of disease and the frequency of destructive weather events.
fiat currency paper currency that is dependent for its value on a government fiat or decree, and cannot be exchanged for gold or silver.
fiat money paper currency that is dependent for its value on a government fiat or decree, and cannot be exchanged for gold or silver.
free no longer dependent on someone or something. [1/20 definitions]
function a factor or quality that is dependent upon one or more other factors or qualities. [1/5 definitions]