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appellation a name, title, or other designation. [1/2 definitions]
appellation contrôlée (sometimes caps.) a designation on the labels of certain French wines or liquors, certifying that the contents meet prescribed standards. [1/2 definitions]
Christ in the New Testament, the designation of the Old Testament "Messiah". [1/2 definitions]
commonwealth (cap.) the official designation of certain U.S. states and of Puerto Rico. [1/3 definitions]
denomination a designation or title so assigned. [1/4 definitions]
etiology the study or designation of causes, causation, or origin. [1/3 definitions]
imperial1 a designation indicating exceptional size or quality, as applied to various articles or units of measure. [1/5 definitions]
style a conventional or official form of address or designation, esp. one used for a person of rank in a society. [1/9 definitions]
titular the person or thing from which a title or other designation is taken. [1/5 definitions]