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adventure to go ahead despite danger or risk. [1/5 definitions]
after all in the end, despite the circumstances or previous expectations. [1/2 definitions]
bear with to continue with despite aggravations; be patient with; be tolerant of.
but yet; and despite this. [1/6 definitions]
coexistence the act or condition of coexisting, esp. in a peaceful manner despite differences in values, customs, political systems, and the like.
decipher to interpret or comprehend (a piece of language) despite difficulties such as obscurity of style or bad handwriting. [1/2 definitions]
delusion a mistaken or false belief, esp. one that persists despite evidence to the contrary, as in certain abnormal mental states. [1/2 definitions]
die-hard stubbornly clinging to a cause, hope, allegiance, or the like, despite its apparent futility. [1/2 definitions]
drag to cause (oneself or another) to move or go somewhere despite reluctance or lack of interest. [1/13 definitions]
force to cause to do something despite resistance or hesitation. [2/14 definitions]
gyroscope a device with a rotating wheel or disk, mounted on an axis that can turn freely in various or all directions, so that the wheel or disk can maintain a stable orientation in space despite any movement in its supports or surrounding parts.
humor to conform to the wishes or mood of, esp. despite one's own feelings or beliefs to the contrary; go along with. [1/5 definitions]
keep up appearances to present a good image of one's situation despite contrary facts.
make do to manage, despite insufficiencies or adversity.
manage to accomplish or succeed in, usu. despite some difficulty. [1/6 definitions]
muddle through to accomplish a purpose or achieve a goal despite lack of knowledge or organization.
nonetheless despite the foregoing; still; nevertheless.
not to mention and in addition (used to mention an additional thing that is equal to, greater, or more obvious than the first thing mentioned, despite saying that one need not mention it. This additional thing may have just been remembered by the speaker or was previously felt unnecessary to say).
notwithstanding in spite of; despite (sometimes used after its object rather than before). [1/3 definitions]
persistent continuing, lasting, or holding on, despite opposition or difficulties. [1/3 definitions]
Prize Cases a U.S. Supreme Court case decided in 1863 that held that, despite the absence of a declaration of war, President Lincoln acted within his powers to order the seizure of ships blockaded from Southern ports.