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amidol a colorless crystalline substance used in developing photographs.
argumentation the process of developing an elaborate argument based on logic. [1/2 definitions]
cystic fibrosis a congenital disease usu. developing in childhood and characterized by poor digestion, breathing difficulties, and pancreatic inflammation.
developer someone engaged in buying land and developing it for housing, businesses, recreation, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
development the process of developing or bringing to a completed state. [1/4 definitions]
ectopic pregnancy a pregnancy in which a fertilized ovum begins developing outside the uterus, as in a fallopian tube.
embryectomy the surgical removal of an embryo, esp. of one developing outside the uterus.
emergent developing as a logical result. [1/4 definitions]
endogenous coming or produced from or developing within, as certain spores, or due to internal conditions, as certain diseases. (Cf. exogenous.) [1/2 definitions]
epiblast the outer layer of cells of a developing embryo that later becomes the ectoderm, but that also contains cells capable of becoming the mesoderm or endoderm. [1/2 definitions]
exercise a specially designed task, often one that is performed repeatedly, aimed at developing particular strengths or skills. [1/10 definitions]
extend to make fuller or more comprehensive, as by developing or expanding. [1/8 definitions]
fair-trade pertaining to an agreement made by a seller to pay fair wages to workers producing the seller's goods in a developing country, or to the products produced under such an agreement. [1/3 definitions]
follicle a small cavity in the ovary of mammals, filled with fluid and containing a developing egg or ova. [1/3 definitions]
forestry the science of developing and caring for forests. [1/2 definitions]
gemmule in biology, a bud or small gemma capable of developing into a new individual.
gestation the time that an organism spends developing in a womb, egg, or the like before being born. [1/2 definitions]
H.G. Wells British author and social critic, born Herman George Wells, celebrated for developing the genre of science fiction.
historiographer one who specializes in analyzing, teaching, or developing the techniques, principles, and theories of historical scholarship. [1/2 definitions]
homogenous having a similar structure because of developing from the same origin.
indolent of a medical condition, slow in developing or causing little pain. [1/3 definitions]