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amniocentesis a procedure for obtaining a sample of amniotic fluid from the uterus of a pregnant female for diagnosis of the fetus.
atomic cocktail (informal) a dose of a liquid, taken orally, that contains a radioactive substance used in the diagnosis or treatment of cancer.
auscultation listening to the heart, lungs, or the like for the purpose of medical diagnosis, usu. with a stethoscope or other instrument.
cardiogram the curve drawn by an electrocardiograph in recording the mechanical movements of the heart, used in the diagnosis of heart defects and disease; electrocardiogram.
diagnose to make a diagnosis. [1/4 definitions]
diagnostic of, concerning, or being a diagnosis. [2/3 definitions]
endoscope a long, slender, tubular optical instrument inserted into an inner, hollow body part, such as the lungs or bowel, esp. for examination, diagnosis, or surgical treatment.
internal medicine a specialized medical practice that deals with the diagnosis and nonsurgical treatment of disease, esp. of internal organs and tissues.
irradiation medical use of radiation, as in treatment or diagnosis. [1/2 definitions]
mental health the field or profession concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental, emotional, and psychological diseases and disorders. [1/3 definitions]
misdiagnose to assign an incorrect diagnosis to. [1/2 definitions]
percussion the tapping of different areas of the body to aid in medical diagnosis or therapy. [1/4 definitions]
specimen in medicine, a sample of tissue or bodily fluid, such as urine, used for analysis or diagnosis. [1/2 definitions]
ultrasound ultrasonic waves as used in medical diagnosis, therapy, and the like.