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entry a word or phrase listed, and usu. defined, in a dictionary. [1/7 definitions]
gazetteer a dictionary of geographical names.
glossary a dictionary of the technical terms of a particular subject or field. [1/2 definitions]
lexicography the study and practice of principles of dictionary writing and compiling.
lexicon a dictionary or other inclusive listing of words. [1/3 definitions]
OED abbreviation of "Oxford English Dictionary."
thesaurus a dictionary of words grouped as synonyms or antonyms. [1/2 definitions]
thumb index a series of labeled notches cut into the forward edge of a book, indicating and making it easy to turn to the separate sections, as in a dictionary.
unabridged an unabridged dictionary. [1/2 definitions]
wordbook a book that lists words, such as a lexicon or dictionary.