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bloodbath (informal) a period or instance of great loss, failure, or disappointment. [1/2 definitions]
blow1 a sudden disappointment or disaster. [1/3 definitions]
brace to steady (oneself), as against a force, shock, or disappointment. [1/10 definitions]
broken-hearted full of intense grief or disappointment.
chagrin embarrassment or humiliation arising from disappointment or failure. [2 definitions]
comedown (informal) a disappointment or anticlimax. [1/2 definitions]
console1 to give comfort in time of loss, defeat, or suffering; relieve grief or disappointment; give solace to.
consternation surprise and alarm, leading to panic, deep disappointment, or total confusion.
disillusioned having lost or been stripped of one's hopes or illusions, often resulting in disappointment or sadness.
displease to cause annoyance, disappointment, or dissatisfaction; be unpleasant. [1/2 definitions]
displeasing causing dissatisfaction, disappointment, annoyance, or other negative reaction.
dissatisfied feeling or showing displeasure or disappointment.
frustrate in connection with attempts to do something, to cause disappointment, anger, or confusion in (a person). [1/4 definitions]
fuck used to express disgust, anger, disappointment, or the like. [1/9 definitions]
heigh-ho an exclamation used to express fatigue, boredom, or disappointment, or to show surprise.
keep a stiff upper lip to face with courage such difficulties as sorrow, disappointment, or pain.
letdown a disappointment. [1/3 definitions]
moue a pronounced distortion of the face expressing dejection, petulance, disappointment, or the like; pout.
no1 used to express shock, disbelief, fear, or great disappointment. [1/7 definitions]
nuts (informal) used to express frustration, annoyance, or disappointment. [1/2 definitions]
regretful having sorrow or remorse for a loss, an act, or a disappointment.