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ageism discrimination on the basis of age, esp. against the elderly or middle-aged.
antidiscrimination combined form of discrimination.
anti-Semitism prejudice, discrimination, or hostility toward Jews.
artistic having a sense of discrimination or taste. [1/3 definitions]
Civil Rights Act in the U.S., any of several laws intended to protect civil rights, esp. the landmark law passed by Congress in 1964 that aimed to protect the constitutional right of all citizens to vote and to prevent racial discrimination in places of employment, public facilities, public accommodations, and the like.
Civil Rights Movement a movement in the United States particularly prominent during the 1950s and 1960s that sought to end racial discrimination, legal segregation of blacks and whites, and racial barriers to voting. The movement was led by black leaders such as Medgar Evers, Martin Luther King, Jr., John Lewis, and James Farmer. It mobilized tens of thousands of African Americans in protest against existing laws and practices. Activists, both black and white, endured harassment and violence from the police and others as the movement progressed. Eventually, the American civil rights movement brought about the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and other measures. [2 definitions]
color bar segregation or discrimination based on race or skin color, usu. as practiced by whites against nonwhites; color line.
color barrier unspoken social code of racial segregation or discrimination, esp. in sports, education, public service, and the like.
color line any institutionalized separation of races that is based on skin color and that results in social and economic discrimination and oppression; color bar.
consciousness-raising a process in which people are made more sensitive or aware of others, and thus gain understanding and sympathy for their situation, used in combating discrimination. [1/2 definitions]
discerning exercising good judgment and discrimination; perceptive.
fine1 requiring subtle discrimination; difficult to perceive. [1/11 definitions]
Freedom Ride any of the bus trips taken by civil rights activists in the 1960s which served to highlight and challenge racial discrimination in the U.S.
Freedom Rider any of the American civil rights activists who participated in the Freedom Rides, which highlighted and challenged racial discrimination in the United States in the early 1960s. Freedom Riders made bus trips through southern states, demonstrating that public facilities that should have been desegregated according to law were not in fact desegregated. Freedom Riders encountered intense violence along their journeys and many suffered arrest by the police.
James Farmer American civil rights activist and strong believer in non-violent protest against injustice. Farmer was an initiator of the Freedom Rides in the early 1960s, which served to highlight and challenge racial segregation and discrimination in the U.S. (b.1920--d. 1999).
Jim Crow (informal, sometimes l.c.) the set of laws and practices in the U.S., particularly in evidence in the South, that enforced or sanctioned segregation of and discrimination against black Americans during the period between the late 1870s and the 1960s.
Jim-Crow (informal, sometimes l.c.) enforcing or promoting discrimination against or the segregation of black Americans in the United States, particularly in the South during the period beginning in the late 1870s and extending into the 1960s. [1/2 definitions]
Medgar Evers American civil rights activist during the 1950s and early sixties. Evers worked to desegregate Mississippi schools, set up voter registration drives, helped organize economic boycotts of white businesses engaging in discrimination, and investigated crimes against black citizens. He was assassinated by a member of a white supremacist group in 1963. (b. 1925--d. 1963).
nigger (offensive) a little-valued citizen who faces discrimination and un-equal treatment. [1/3 definitions]
nondiscrimination combined form of discrimination.
palate the sense of taste, or precision of discrimination between tastes. [1/2 definitions]