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boot (slang) a sudden dismissal (usu. prec. by "the"). [1/10 definitions]
brush-off (informal) an abrupt dismissal or rejection.
congé an abrupt dismissal. [1/4 definitions]
demurrer a plea for the dismissal of a lawsuit based on the alleged insufficiency of the opposition's contentions to support its claim, or on other legal defects. [1/3 definitions]
discharge a release or dismissal from military service, or the document thereof. [1/17 definitions]
dissolution the dismissal or dispersal of an organization, such as a legislative body. [1/5 definitions]
elimination the act or process of eliminating; disposal; destruction; dismissal. [1/2 definitions]
furlough a temporary dismissal of an employee because of a lack of work or other economic reasons; layoff. [1/4 definitions]
kiss-off (slang) a dismissal, esp. when hasty or rude.
layoff the dismissal or temporary suspension of employees. [1/2 definitions]
pink slip (informal) a notice informing an employee of his or her dismissal from employment.
redundancy (chiefly British) the condition of workers being no longer needed by an employer, or the resulting dismissal or layoff. [1/4 definitions]
sack1 (slang) dismissal from a position (prec. by "the"). [1/7 definitions]
walking papers (informal) notice of dismissal or termination, esp. from a job.