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bouncer (informal) a person employed, esp. in a bar, to eject or prevent entry of unauthorized or disorderly patrons. [1/2 definitions]
clutter a disorderly or overly crowded assortment of things. [1/3 definitions]
disarray disorderly dress. [1/4 definitions]
disorganized lacking order or systematic arrangement; disorderly. [1/2 definitions]
disruptive causing or caused by turmoil or disorderly behavior.
helter-skelter in a disorderly, haphazard manner. [1/5 definitions]
hodgepodge a confused, disorderly mixture or mess of diverse things; jumble.
hubbub the confused activity of a loud, disorderly place; turmoil. [1/2 definitions]
hurry-scurry confused, disorderly rushing about. [2/4 definitions]
jumble a disorderly mass or pile. [1/6 definitions]
litter a disorderly scatter of objects, esp. waste materials. [3/11 definitions]
malady a disorderly or adverse condition. [1/2 definitions]
mess (informal) one whose appearance or whose life is in a disorderly or chaotic condition. [2/11 definitions]
messy dirty, untidy, or disorderly. [1/2 definitions]
mob a large, disorderly, or riotous crowd of people. [3/9 definitions]
muss (informal) a disorderly, confused condition; mess. [1/2 definitions]
rabble1 a confused and uncontrolled crowd; disorderly mob. [2/3 definitions]
raucous loud and disorderly. [1/2 definitions]
riot similar disorderly behavior or manner of living. [1/7 definitions]
rout1 a disorderly and confused retreat of defeated troops. [3/5 definitions]
rowdy a noisy, rough, disorderly person. [2 definitions]