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clamor a vigorous public outcry of dissent or dissatisfaction. [1/6 definitions]
complain to express dissatisfaction, pain, grief, or other negative feelings. [1/3 definitions]
discontent a sense of resentment or restless dissatisfaction. [1/4 definitions]
displease to cause annoyance, disappointment, or dissatisfaction; be unpleasant. [1/2 definitions]
displeasing causing dissatisfaction, disappointment, annoyance, or other negative reaction.
dissatisfactory causing displeasure or dissatisfaction.
dysphoria a generally unwell feeling, characterized by anxiety, dissatisfaction, discomfort, or restlessness.
ennui a general feeling of boredom and dissatisfaction, esp. with all aspects of life.
grouse2 (informal) a complaint or reason for dissatisfaction. [1/2 definitions]
grumble to mutter dissatisfaction or complaints. [1/5 definitions]
kick (informal) to express dissatisfaction; complain. [1/14 definitions]
quits having no grounds for hostility, dissatisfaction, or a further claim, as the result of a repayment or equitable settlement.
self-dissatisfaction combined form of dissatisfaction.
snub to ignore, esp. as a means of showing dissatisfaction, dislike, or contempt. [1/3 definitions]
unrest a state of dissatisfaction, disturbance, or turmoil, esp. social or political.
vigilance committee a group of citizens that illegally assumes authority to punish crime because of dissatisfaction with or absence of the usual law-enforcement agencies.