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belly-flop a dive, usu. done accidentally, in which most of the impact is taken by the diver's belly hitting flat against the water's surface. [2/3 definitions]
crash dive a sudden and rapid emergency dive made by a submarine, esp. to avoid attack.
crash-dive to rapidly dive, or cause a submarine to dive, at a steep angle.
diver any of several birds that dive, such as the loon. [1/3 definitions]
dove2 a past tense of dive.
fisher spider any of a family of nursery-web spiders that have the ability to skate across and dive beneath the surface of water, also called a dock spider.
gainer a dive in which the diver faces out from the board and does a half or full backward somersault into the water. [1/2 definitions]
half gainer a dive in which the diver, facing forward, executes half of a backward somersault, thus entering the water headfirst and facing the diving board.
header (informal) a headfirst dive or fall. [1/5 definitions]
jackknife a headfirst dive in which one bends at the waist in midair, touches one's feet, and then straightens out before reaching the water. [1/2 definitions]
pearl to dive for or seek pearls. [1/8 definitions]
postdive combined form of dive.
pullout a maneuver in which an aircraft is brought back from a dive to level flight. [1/3 definitions]
skydive to jump or dive from an airplane and perform various acrobatic stunts before opening one's parachute, done as a sport or for exhibition.
sound3 of whales and other sea creatures, to dive deeply under water. [1/6 definitions]
swan dive a headfirst dive in which the legs are kept straight, the back is arched, and the arms are straight out to the sides before being brought overhead as the diver is about to enter the water.