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anhinga any of various large swimming and diving birds of tropical and subtropical America that have a long sharp bill and a long snaky neck; snakebird.
auk any of a group of web-footed, short-winged sea birds that live in colder parts of the Northern Hemisphere and are skilled at swimming and diving.
bathysphere a spherical diving chamber used for studying deep-sea life.
dabchick any of various small diving birds belonging to the grebe family.
decompression the act or process of decompressing or being decompressed, as in deep-sea diving. [1/2 definitions]
dipper any of several diving birds, esp. the water ouzel. [1/4 definitions]
dive to engage in a sport or pastime such as acrobatic diving, scuba diving, or skydiving. [2/12 definitions]
dive bomber a fighter-bomber designed to drop its bombs while diving toward the target.
diving board a rigidly supported springboard that projects over water, used for diving.
flipper one of a pair of flat, triangular, flexible foot coverings resembling a frog's foot and used for swimming or underwater diving. (See fin.) [1/3 definitions]
goldeneye either of two diving ducks of Eurasia or North America, having a short black bill, black and white plumage, and bright yellow eyes.
grebe any of several diving birds related to loons and having lobed rather than webbed feet.
half gainer a dive in which the diver, facing forward, executes half of a backward somersault, thus entering the water headfirst and facing the diving board.
loon1 any of several large black and white diving birds that have a laughlike cry.
merganser any of various large diving ducks that have a narrow bill with a hooked tip and serrated edges, and usu. a crest on the head.
murre either of two black and white, web-footed diving birds of northern oceans.
ouzel any of several European blackbirds or thrushes, or any of various related diving birds; ring ouzel; water ouzel.
redhead a North American diving duck, the male of which has a reddish head. [1/2 definitions]
scaup either of two wild diving ducks of North America, the males of which have a blackish head and tail and a whitish back.
scoter any of several large dark diving ducks of northern coastal waters.
springboard a flexible board secured at one end and used to give impetus to a jump in diving or gymnastics. [1/2 definitions]