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buck5 (informal) a dollar in the U.S.
clam (slang) a dollar. [1/4 definitions]
dollar the chief monetary unit of the Republic of China (Taiwan), equaling one hundred cents; yuan dollar. [1/3 definitions]
ideogram any graphic symbol, such as a dollar sign or ampersand. [1/2 definitions]
mill2 a rarely-used monetary unit of the United States equaling one thousandth of a dollar.
millage the tax rate based on one tenth of a U.S. cent per dollar.
nondollar combined form of dollar.
one a bill worth one dollar; single. [1/11 definitions]
paper money currency in paper form, such as a dollar bill or bank note, that is issued by a government or its banks as legal tender.
single (informal) a one-dollar bill. [1/12 definitions]
smacker (slang) a dollar.
yuan see "dollar." [1/2 definitions]