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air curtain a draft of compressed air blown continuously across a doorway, usu. downward, to act as a door in maintaining interior temperature.
dive to plunge into an opening, as a person into a doorway or a hand into a receptacle. [1/12 definitions]
doorframe the framework of a doorway.
doorsill the sill of a doorway or entry; threshold.
entrance1 a point, area, or passage for entering, such as a doorway. [1/3 definitions]
entranceway a passage or doorway for entering.
French door one of a pair of doors with glass panes from top to bottom and hinged on opposite sides of a doorway so that they open out from the center.
headroom the clear space between the head and a ceiling, arch, or top of a doorway.
headway2 the clear space between the head and a ceiling, arch, or top of a doorway; headroom.
lintel a supporting horizontal beam at the top of a doorway or window.
portal a doorway or entrance, esp. a large and imposing one. [1/3 definitions]
portière a heavy or decorative curtain hung in a doorway usu. in place of a door.
ramp a movable staircase or walkway set against the doorway of a plane or boat for passengers to enter or exit. [1/7 definitions]
template a horizontal piece of stone or timber that serves to distribute weight or pressure, as over a doorway. [1/4 definitions]
threshold the sill underneath a door; doorway. [1/3 definitions]