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bird's-eye a woven, repeated fabric pattern of diamonds, each with a dot in the center, or a fabric with such a pattern. [1/4 definitions]
bullet a printed dot or other graphic character, usu. one in a series, placed before a list item, a point, or other piece of text to draw attention to or emphasize it. [1/2 definitions]
division sign a mathematical sign consisting of a small horizontal line with a dot above and below it, indicating that the numeral preceding it is to be divided by the numeral following it.
dot to mark with or as though with a dot or dots. [2/10 definitions]
filename extension in computing, the final part of a filename, consisting of one or more letters after a dot, which indicates the format of the file data.
fleece to cover or dot with fleece or something resembling fleece. [1/7 definitions]
freak2 to dot or streak with color. [1/2 definitions]
freckle a light brown dot or mark of pigmentation in the skin, often brought out by exposure to sunlight. [1/3 definitions]
halftone a technique for printing shading in which an image, such as a photograph or cartoon, is transformed into a complex of tiny dots by photographing it through a fine screen and transferring this dot image to the printing plate. [1/4 definitions]
pepper to season or dot with pepper. [1/8 definitions]
speckle to mark or dot with specks of color. [1/3 definitions]