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airplane any of various aircraft that are heavier than air and are driven by propellers or jet engines.
blastoff a launching of a rocket-driven missile or spacecraft.
brute driven or characterized by instinct rather than intelligence. [1/5 definitions]
cabin cruiser a power-driven boat with a cabin so equipped that passengers can wash, cook, and sleep on board.
chairlift a system of chairs suspended from a power-driven cable, used to carry people, esp. skiers, up or down mountainsides.
chariot in ancient times, a two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle driven from a standing position. [1/3 definitions]
compulsive driven by an obsession or compulsion. [1/3 definitions]
countershaft an intermediate shaft that transmits motion from a motor to a machine driven by it; jackshaft.
disperse to cause to disappear, as though by being driven away; dispel. [1/5 definitions]
drove2 a group of animals driven, or gathered for driving, as a herd; flock. [1/3 definitions]
excavator someone or something that excavates, esp. a power-driven digging machine.
fan1 a mechanical apparatus, usu. driven by electricity, that creates an air current by moving several vanes or blades in rotation. [1/7 definitions]
fanatical driven by or springing from excessive and uncritical zeal.
Ferris wheel (sometimes l.c.) a ride, as at a carnival or amusement park, consisting of a very large upright power-driven wheel with partially enclosed seats that are suspended between two parallel rims.
fore2 in golf, used as a warning to alert those who may be in the path of a golf ball that is about to be driven.
forelock2 a pin fitted or driven through an opening to hold two parts together; linchpin. [1/2 definitions]
hansom a two-wheeled, two-passenger, covered carriage drawn by one horse, and driven by a person who sits behind and above the passengers.
horse powered, driven, or pulled by a horse or horses. [1/10 definitions]
junk2 a high-sterned, flat-bottomed boat of Chinese origin, driven by square sails.
limousine a large, luxurious, private automobile, often driven by a chauffeur. [1/2 definitions]
machine a man-made device, usu. driven by a motor or engine, with a system of interrelated parts that work together to perform a task. [1/5 definitions]