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echo to produce an echo. [2/8 definitions]
echo chamber a room in a recording or broadcasting studio that is used to increase resonance or produce echo effects.
echoic like an echo. [1/2 definitions]
echo sounding a method of determining the depth of a body of water by measuring the time the echo of an emitted sound wave takes to return from the bottom.
reecho of a sound, to echo again; reverberate; resound. [2/3 definitions]
repercussion a sound reverberation or echo. [1/2 definitions]
reply to echo a sound. [1/6 definitions]
resonate to resound; echo. [1/5 definitions]
resound to echo back (a sound). [1/5 definitions]
reverberate of sound, to be reflected again and again; echo; resound. [2 definitions]
reverberation a continuing impact or echo-like effect, as of some earlier event. [1/2 definitions]
ring2 to sound loudly, carrying across a distance or creating an echo; resound (often fol. by "out"). [2/18 definitions]
tormentor a screen used on a film set to absorb echo. [1/3 definitions]