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advanced designed for those whose level is well beyond elementary. [1/3 definitions]
algebra a form of elementary mathematics, used esp. in solving equations, in which letters stand for unknown or variable quantities. [1/2 definitions]
boarding school an elementary or secondary school at which the students live as well as take classes.
fundamental particle an elementary particle.
grade school see elementary school.
grammar school see elementary school. [1/2 definitions]
headmaster a man who is principal of an elementary or secondary school, esp. a private school for boys.
headmistress a woman who is principal of an elementary or secondary school, esp. a private school for girls.
hornbook a text or primer of basic or elementary skills in a subject. [1/2 definitions]
introduction an elementary text or course of study. [1/5 definitions]
junior high school an intermediate school between elementary and high school, usu. including grades seven, eight, and nine; middle school.
meson any of a group of elementary particles that react strongly with other particles, and that have a mass between that of the electron and that of the proton.
neutrino an elementary, weakly interacting subatomic particle of the lepton family, having little or no mass and a spin of one-half.
neutron an elementary particle having no charge, spin of one-half, and mass approximately equal to a proton, present in the nucleus of all atoms except the common isotope of hydrogen.
new math a system of teaching mathematics based on set theory, used in many U.S. elementary and secondary schools since the middle of the twentieth century.
nonelementary combined form of elementary.
normal school formerly, a two-year school that trained high school graduates to be elementary school teachers.
photon the fundamental unit of electromagnetic energy with zero mass, no electrical charge, and a spin of one, usu. regarded as an elementary particle.
positron in physics, an elementary particle equal to an electron in mass, spin, and magnitude of charge, but whose charge is positive.
practice teacher a college student who teaches elementary or secondary school under the supervision of an experienced teacher; student teacher.
primary school a school that comprises the first six grades; elementary school. [1/2 definitions]