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accent to emphasize; accentuate. [1/8 definitions]
accentuate to emphasize; draw attention to. [1/2 definitions]
again used to emphasize an idea that one has earlier expressed in the same conversation, speech, or text. [1/5 definitions]
bullet a printed dot or other graphic character, usu. one in a series, placed before a list item, a point, or other piece of text to draw attention to or emphasize it. [1/2 definitions]
charismatic of, relating to, or pertaining to any of several religious sects that emphasize direct communication with God, or God-given powers. [1/3 definitions]
Confucianism the ethical teachings of Confucius, which emphasize reverence for ancestors, devotion to family and friends, cultivation and discipline of the mind, and social responsibility.
correlate to arrange, as two sets of data, so as to demonstrate or emphasize their causal, reciprocal, complementary, or parallel relationship. [1/4 definitions]
do1 used to emphasize the affirmative quality of the main verb and to counter a negative perception or possibility. [1/13 definitions]
either as well as; also; in the like manner; similarly (used to emphasize negative statements). [1/5 definitions]
go without saying to be so clearly true or evident that there is no need to mention (something); used to emphasize one's certainty about or the obviousness of something.
heaven (pl.) used as an interjection to express surprise or to emphasize a statement. [1/5 definitions]
highlight to mark (lines of printed text), often with a sheer band of light color, in order to emphasize, or to serve as an aid in remembering. [1/6 definitions]
importantly a word used to emphasize the importance of what is being said.
insist to emphasize something with firmness (usu. fol. by "on"). [1/4 definitions]
liberal arts the subjects that make up a college degree program, such as literature, history, and philosophy, that emphasize the development of cultural awareness and critical skills rather than practical training for a career or profession.
myself used to emphasize me or I. [1/3 definitions]
no1 used to present or emphasize a negative statement. [1/7 definitions]
overemphasize combined form of emphasize.
punctuate to emphasize; highlight; stress. [1/4 definitions]
reemphasize combined form of emphasize.
soft-pedal (informal) to purposely underplay the significance of; fail to emphasize. [1/3 definitions]