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diverting causing amusement or casual interest; entertaining.
enjoyable pleasant; entertaining.
entertainment the art or profession of entertaining, esp. by performance. [2/3 definitions]
lounge (chiefly British) a room in a home used mainly for relaxing or entertaining guests; living room. [1/8 definitions]
medicine show a usu. small group of traveling salespeople who put on entertaining shows to attract customers for the patent medicines and other cures offered for sale.
merry marked by or giving occasion for merriment; festive or entertaining. [1/3 definitions]
parlor a room in a house, hotel, restaurant, or the like for conversation or entertaining guests. [1/2 definitions]
salon a stylish room in a large house or apartment used for receiving and entertaining guests. [1/4 definitions]
showmanship the tendency or ability to produce dramatic and entertaining effects.