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episodic pertaining to or characteristic of an episode. [1/3 definitions]
exodus (cap.) the second book of the Old Testament, which contains an account of this episode. [1/3 definitions]
idyll a composition, often a poem, describing a simple, picturesque scene or episode such as a tale of the countryside. [1/4 definitions]
love affair a relationship or episode between lovers, esp. a romantic or sexual one. [1/2 definitions]
ovation a prolonged or enthusiastic episode of applause for someone, as following a performance.
pilot film a film or tape of one episode of a proposed television series, designed to attract commercial sponsors and enlist network support.
scene an uninterrupted episode in a film or play. [1/8 definitions]
sulk (sometimes pl.) resentment or ill humor expressed by sulking, or a sullen, aloof state or episode. [1/3 definitions]