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bathos false or very excessive sentimentality, esp. in order to evoke pity; mawkishness. [1/2 definitions]
conjure up to produce in the mind; evoke.
elicit to call forth; evoke. [1/2 definitions]
evocative tending to or able to evoke.
get to evoke an emotional response; affect. [1/17 definitions]
horror designed or intended to evoke a feeling of horror. [1/5 definitions]
objective correlative a literary description or a series of images that objectively depict a certain emotion and evoke that same emotion in the reader or viewer.
program music instrumental music intended to evoke or depict a scene, story, event, or the like.
resonate to be filled with particular images or qualities that evoke emotions or special significance. [2/5 definitions]
suspicious tending to cause or evoke questions or doubt. [1/3 definitions]