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beau ideal an example or model of perfection or excellence. [1/2 definitions]
best with the highest excellence or to the most satisfactory degree. [2/11 definitions]
better greater in quality or excellence. [1/14 definitions]
crackerjack of clear excellence. [1/2 definitions]
decay to lose health, strength, excellence, or the like. [2/8 definitions]
distinction honor or excellence. [1/3 definitions]
distinguished marked by excellence or renown; eminent. [1/2 definitions]
divine godlike in power, excellence, beauty, or the like. [1/12 definitions]
elegant of a pleasingly high quality or excellence; superior; fine. [1/3 definitions]
excellency (usu. pl.) qualities of superiority or excellence. [1/2 definitions]
fancy showing skill or excellence. [1/14 definitions]
finish the quality of being completed with elegance, excellence, or thoroughness. [1/11 definitions]
gold star a small gold star used as a symbol or recognition of excellence, esp. a stamp or sticker affixed to a young child's school papers. [1/2 definitions]
hallmark any mark used to indicate genuineness or excellence. [1/4 definitions]
ideal a principle or aim considered honorable; standard of excellence. [2/6 definitions]
ne plus ultra (Latin) the highest point, esp. of achievement or excellence; ultimate.
nonpareil a person or thing whose excellence is unequaled; paragon. [1/3 definitions]
paragon a model of excellence or of a particular admirable quality.
peerless having no equal; unmatched in excellence.
poet laureate any poet honored for excellence by a particular locality, state, or nation. [1/2 definitions]
prince a man who is of the highest rank or excellence in a particular category. [1/4 definitions]