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adventure a journey or other undertaking that involves risk, danger, or excitement. [1/5 definitions]
adventurous given to taking risks and seeking excitement. [2 definitions]
aflame burning with interest and excitement; afire. [1/2 definitions]
aglow radiating happy excitement. [1/2 definitions]
animated full of activity, spirit, or excitement. [1/3 definitions]
atingle feeling a prickling or tingling sensation, often from excitement.
beside oneself in a state of extreme agitation or excitement.
bland without interest, spirit, or excitement; dull; indifferent. [1/3 definitions]
breathtaking causing great wonder, excitement, or awe.
buck fever the nervous excitement felt by novice hunters when they first sight game.
calm to reduce agitation or excitement in; make quieter. [1/6 definitions]
dance to jump or skip in excitement. [1/9 definitions]
delirium wild, uncontrolled excitement or emotion. [1/2 definitions]
dither a state of excitement, nervousness, or indecision. [1/2 definitions]
drama emotional excitement or captivation. [1/5 definitions]
eagerly with happy or impatient excitement or enthusiasm.
effervescence high spirits; excitement; liveliness. [1/2 definitions]
electricity a state of tension or excitement. [1/4 definitions]
enthusiasm intense interest or excitement concerning; zeal. [1/2 definitions]
estrus the recurrent period of heat or sexual excitement in female mammals, during which the female will mate with the male.
eureka I have found it! (used to express excitement at having solved a problem or made a discovery).